17 - 04 - 2020

The ”Three Gorges Project” on the Pearl River | Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Project

Located at the outlet of the Dateng Gorge on the main stream of the Qianjiang River of the Xijiang River in Guiping, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the Daitengxia Water Conservancy Project is constructed for flood control, navigation, power generation, water supply, and irrigation. It is a large project of grade I, with a total investment amount of RMB 35.736 billion and a total reservoir capacity of 3.430 billion m3.

The Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Project consists of the main dam on the Qianjiang River, the auxiliary dam on the Qianjiang River and the auxiliary dam on the Nanmujiang River. The power station with an installed capacity of 1600MW is equipped with 8 shaft-flow propeller turbine generator units with a unit capacity of 200MW. This unit is a shaft-flow propeller generator with the largest diameter in China, and also the first domestically produced water-turbine generator unit.

After the project is constructed, it will play an important role in improving the flood control capacity of the middle and lower reaches of the Xijiang River, alleviating the contradiction between power supply and demand, improving the waterway standard and navigation capacity of the Qianjiang River, as well as ensuring the ecological-environment flow of the river, to effectively promote social economic growth and ecological environment protection. The Dateng Gorge Water Conservancy Project is a key water control project in the Pearl River Basin, which has won a reputation as the ”Three Gorges Project” on the Pearl River.

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