Attach equal importance to talent and virtue.
Talent Training
Shenling has always valued talent training, and gradually built up Shenling talent team through the formulation of Lingrui Plan.

Relying on the management system and learning platform, Shenling supports the continuous growth of employees and fosters technical and managerial talents in various orientations and business fields at all levels. Shenling has a professional training room with capacity of 80 people, an enterprise software training center equipped with 35 highly-configured training computers, and a team of 50 internal trainers and a mature training material base. It has also established a three-level training system for new employees (company level, department level and post level) and a mature tutorial system. The training plan of the whole company can be monitored and implemented through HER system, by which employees can choose public courses to improve the professional capability.

Master practical skills, adapt to position role efficiently

The Plan of Rising Star is one of the key strategic talent training programs of the company. It aims to help new employees to fit in, have a smooth role transformation, understand the company’s products, master job skills and be competent for the post as soon as possible. In the end, 10%-20% of candidates will be selected for the program training of “Fengrui Plan”. In the program, the company designed some training methods, such as a gamification training mode for new employees – Rising Star Camp and three-level training, during which, the passing tips, senior guidance, 1+1 tutorship, team challenge, difficult passes and so on are set up to let new employees fit into the company more easily and quickly and be competent for the post.

Three stages and seven steps to guarantee the passing rate of trainee

GPWE Shenling Class is a class under the modern apprenticeship system jointly set up by the company and Guangdong Polytechnic of Water Resources and Electric Engineering (GPWE). It aims to cultivate the skilled-orientated and grass-roots management talents based on the “2+1” mode. Since 2015, Shenling Class has been opened for 5 school years. In this program, the education is divided into three stages by seven steps in accordance with modern apprenticeship requirements, and the systems concerning qualified teachers, curriculum, examination and enrollment have been established, providing an all-round guarantee for the students to be elite and excellent. The program was successively entitled as the benchmark program for the internship of college students in Shunde District in 2016, the modern apprenticeship pilot project of Guangdong province in 2017, and the national modern apprenticeship pilot project in 2018.