09 - 07 - 2020

SHENLING Provides Services for a Key Project in China “Wudongde Hydropower Station on Jinsha River”

Wudongde Hydropower Station

The pivotal project of the Wudongde Hydropower Station is a large (1)-type work of grade I, with a dam crest elevation of 988m, maximum height of 270m, and a total reservoir capacity of 7.408 billion cubic meters. The hydropower station, located on the Jinsha River at the junction of Huidong County in Sichuan Province and Luquan County in Yunnan Province, is China’s largest clean energy hydropower corridor.

The powerhouses are located in the mountains on both the left and right sides of the river. Six mixed-flow hydraulic turbine-generator units with a single capacity of 850,000KW are installed at each side, making it the world’s largest hydraulic turbine-generator unit that has been put into operation. Its total installed capacity is up to 10.2 million KW, which is the fourth largest installed capacity in China and the seventh in the world. The multi-year average generating capacity is 38.91 billion KWH, with nearly 11.95 million tons of standard coal saved each year.

The Wudongde Hydropower Station is a major cascade project for the development of river basin, which has certain functions of flood control, navigation and sediment retaining. It is also a major power source of the West to East Power Transmission Project. The successful construction of the hydropower station is of great and profound significance to accelerating the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the coordinated development of regional economies, promoting the implementation of the strategy of developing the western region in the new era, and helping to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects in the end.

Water and Electricity Solutions

Shenling has been committed to the manufacturing, installation and operation of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and dehumidification equipment used for hydropower project for 20 years. Shenling has provided nearly 200 sets of air conditioning equipment, including evaporative cooling water chiller, full-liquid water chiller, modular air conditioning unit, ceiling air cabinet, fan coil, mobile dehumidifier, heating dehumidifier, air conditioner for machine room, multi-connection air conditioner, as well as part of installation services for the project.

The modular air conditioning unit with large air volume from Shenling used in this project has a maximum air treatment capacity of 150,000 m3/h of a single unit, with its upper and lower parts stacked for installation. The integrated evaporative cooling chiller is placed outside the 988m platform to provide chilled water for the modular air-conditioning unit with large air volume, which has met the need for the centralized cooling of the hydropower station.

The evaporative cooling water chiller adopts the mechatronics design that eliminates the cooling tower and the cooling water system; It also adopts the evaporative cooling heat transfer technology of double cooling and high efficiency, with low consumption of running energy for energy conservation and environmental protection. The full-liquid water chiller uses river water for cooling by taking advantage of local conditions. As there are the a lot of sediment particles in the river, the special water cooling condenser is used to adapt to the use in harsh conditions.

Shenling has deeply engaged in the development of the electric power industry for many years. It has successfully provided special HVAC equipment and services for large-scale hydropower stations at home and abroad, including the Three Gorges, Xiluodu, Xiangjiaba and Gezhouba Hydro-power stations, accounting for a large market share of the hydropower installed capacity in China. It has become one of the main suppliers of HVAC equipment for hydroelectric power system at home and abroad.

Three Gorges Project
Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station

Shenling will make continuous efforts to create a good process environment for heavy machine industry of China. With the mission of “creating a good environment for all walks of life“, Shenling will continue to serve all industries and fields to build a more beautiful China!