Pre-Conditioned Air Unit

Pre-Conditioned Air Unit

The products of this series are designed in strict accordance with the industry standards of Aircraft Ground Air Conditioning Units (MH-T 6109-2014) issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and all parameters are superior to the industry standards.

  1. The air outlet temperature is ≤2℃, the air outlet static pressure is 4200Pa~7350Pa, the cooling capacity covers the working conditions from T1 to T4, and the cooling capacity is 102KW~487KW, which can meet the requirements of different types of aircraft from A to F;
  2. With various methods, such as hanging type, floor type and mobile make the installation more convenient and flexible;
  3. The main refrigerating components all are the products from famous brands at home and abroad, with superior performance and reliable operation;
  4. The rapid cooling function enables the maximum cooling output within 20~30s to improve the cooling efficiency of aircraft ground air conditioning, accelerate the cooling of aircraft cabin, and improve the comfort of passengers;
  5. Through intelligent control, the chiller can automatically adjust the compressor output according to the load change, so that the chiller can keep the best match at any time;
  6. Intelligent networked billing can automatically calculate the cost of 400Hz power supply and air conditioning for aircraft by computer control. It simplifies the tedious manual billing in airport, makes airport aircraft cost statistics operation more user-friendly, and the data and cost more objective;
  7. Refrigerants R407C or R410a etc can be used, energy saving and environmental protective.
  8. The operating temperature ranges from -20 ℃ to 60℃, meeting the environmental requirements of different areas from T1 to T4.


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